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Fill out the below form for any commission inquiries and send it to

If you do not have an existing artwork of the character you want to commission, please provide photo or image references.


Subject: Commission Request for [Your Name]
Commission type: (Pencil Character/Pencil Complex, Painting)
Subject of Commission & References:  (Visual references are required)
Email for Paypal Invoice: 


 ▪ Commissions are for personal use only unless otherwise discussed. Please let me know before I confirm the commission if you intend you use the artwork for commercial use as that will incur a higher fee.

 ▪ I am allowed to post the artworks on my social media unless stated in the request. May incur additional privacy fee. I reserve the right to stream the process (at unless otherwise discussed.

 ▪ Refunds are allowed to be requested if commission has not been started. No refunds otherwise.

 ▪ Payment will be via invoice and must be received in full before I start the commission. Partial payment can be discussed. Prices are in USD. I can accept credit card & bank transfer/wire payment.

 ▪ ​Generally the commission will take from a few days to a month and a half depending on how long my queue is and how complex your request/character(s) are.​

 ▪ Reposting your commission is fine, just include credit to my social media.

 ▪ You will receive a full resolution digital file. No physical item will be delivered.

 ▪ I am allowed to decline any commission requests. Generally this will be due to my schedule, or if I don't think I can deliver well enough on your request.


✔ Subjects I am confident in: girls, flowers, fantasy, armour, animals, faded/soft colours, portraits. The subject matter you see in my portfolio.

 ▪ If you want a commission of a real person (eg. based off a photo) feel free to contact me about it but if I think the person won't suit my style it may be declined.

✘ Requests likely to be denied: offensive themes, gore, hardcore R-18.

 ▪ NSFW,  real people, detailed designs/accessories/weapons, etc. may incur higher fee.



This style I draw on my iPad Pro in Procreate. It's defining aspects are the pencil textured lineart, flat perspective and RPG reminiscent feeling. 

Half-body: $1000

Full-body: $1500

These will have simple or no background.


Full Illustration: ~$1500-$2500 depending on complexity eg. number of characters, character design complexity, background elements. 

Even if it's character focused with a simple background, it will look 'fuller' than 'Pencil Character'.


This style I draw in Photoshop and/or Clip Studio Paint.

Full Illustration: ~$3500+ depending on complexity eg. number of characters, character design complexity, background elements. 

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